Brazil is one of world’s most fast-growing market, and there are lot of opportunities here. The audience is relatively young and there are a lot to explore. Because of it for sure, everyone is wanting to grab their own slice, and the competition is becoming way fiercer.

This article will give some tips to improve your performance in this market, specifically, drilling down about the Rating and Reviews System on Amazon, and why it’s so important. So, let’s get started!

Why Amazon?

The most popular and used ecommerce platform is no doubt, the Mercado Libre. And it’s not just in Brazil, but in whole Latin American. For sure, Amazon has a considerable presence here, but why we didn’t pick the biggest platform instead to talk about? Because for international sales, Mercado Libre has a price limitation for $40. If you intend to sell cheap and generic products, then no problem, as the majority of international sellers on Mercado Libre do. But if your products average ticket is beyond that $40, your opportunities is on Amazon.

Being more specific, the international seller’s strong point is in higher price tag products. Since there are lot of national retailers for low price tag product like Xiaomi Mi Band, it’s undoubtedly more tough to grab your slice here. There is where the Rating and Reviews System come to play!

How to perform well on Amazon

Amazon doesn’t have sellers ranking system like Mercado Libre, as the Platinum and Gold Vendor. But as a alternative, Amazon shows the sellers medium positive reviews for last 12 months. Many consumers care about seller’s rating, because as I said, Brazilian audience is relatively young and they are very afraid of frauds, specifically if it’s an international purchase and a high price tag product. That’s why it’s so important to get positive reviews for your consumers, to become a trustworthy seller! So the higher rating and positive reviews you have, easier become to drive sales.

Your rating is one of the factor that impacts the buybox as well and consequently and directly impacts the sales. Buybox is the biggest difference between Amazon and other platforms. It’s like a spotlight for your products, and there are some requirements to be eligible for that:

  • Price: The decisive factor for sure is the price. Quite often you’ll have to lower your profit to get into the BuyBox, but trust me, it worth it!
  • Ratings: Here is where your ratings makes a lot of difference again. If your score is lower than your competitors, you can lose the BuyBox even with a lower price, so keep your eyes on it.
  • Delivery Time: It’s the last factor that impacts the buybox. The faster is the shipping and delivery time, easier become to be eligible for BuyBox.

All that being said, let’s talk about how to drive these positive reviews:

  • First of all, reply your customers as soon as possible: Because it’s an international purchase, it’s normal the customer be afraid of fraud. So, it’s extremely important to have a team that speak Portuguese and offer this after sales assistance. Even better if you were nice and friendly!
  • Shipping and delivery time: As the replying, the delivery time is also very important to you become a trustworthy seller for this audience. If your shipping be late, customer can give you negative review, or even cancel the purchase. So be organized and don’t be late!
  • Item as described: Believe me, the worst thing that the customer can comment on your page is “the product is counterfeit!”. Be sure that your products is all original and if your product’s description is alright with the Amazon product’s page picture. Be careful, the majority of negative reviews come because of it.

How Octo can help your business?

Remember that 3 keys to get the BuyBox? So, Octo XB already figured out at least 2 of them! We already have a very high rating score, I dare to say one of the highest of international sellers! We worked on it for many years, and we already have consumers that are loyal to us.  And we dealed with Lion360, the logistic company you probably already heard, so you can use our partnership to make your shipping easier than never!

The only thing that you’ll need will be a competitive price. I can’t think any reason to not deal with Octo XB, can you?

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