Here are the first steps of how to add your products and start your sales.

First access your central seller, and download the template following the steps in the images below:

Ready? now your spreadsheet will be downloaded, and you can start filling it.

Let’s go to the steps below:

Category Name – Select the product category your product best fits:

For example, is your product an earphone? So is going to be


Category – For internal use only – Do not fill

Type – In this column, we define the type of the product.

For example:
Parent product – This type of product is designed to receive variations (size or color). For example, if you are going to register a shoe with 3 colors and 3 sizes, you must create a “Parent product” to receive these variations.

Child – This product type is designed to define variations that will be associated with Parent product.
Simple – Unique product with no color or size variation.

 sku –  Sku is the way to organize and manage your products. We recommend abbreviating information such as brand, model and variation to compose it.

For example, let’s create the Smartwatch Amazfit Verge White SKU, it could look like: sw-amzfit-vg-wt
**Each sku must be unique. Repeating sku on different ones will cause one of them to be overwritten, also it CANNOT have spaces between letters, they can be all together or separated by ‘’- ‘’**

sku_parent – If the product is “child”, that means it is a variation is a variation of another “parent” product.

Fill in the SKU code of the “parent” product related to it. For example, a Shoe that has color and size variation should create a “parent” SKU (shoe-air-max) and its variations should contain this SKU in the sku_parent column so that the system can associate products with it. DO NOT FILL IN THAT FIELD FOR PARENT PRODUCTS.

name – Your title should be well summarized, between 10 and 60 characters.
Enter the most relevant information like product name and model

description – Here you must enter all your product information, such as technical details, functions and differentials.

This will directly impact the consumer, bringing confidence to their possible purchase. But watch out for some information that causes disapproval:

• Marketplace does not approve products reported as assorted. It is mandatory to inform the color, because the end customer needs to know exactly what they will receive;
• Do not inform dimension for Toys, Furniture and Decoration;
• Do not describe brands such as “Parallel”, “Original”, “National” or “Imported”;
• Packages without volume (ml);
• Interrupted descriptions or no word spacing;
• Insert links to websites or videos in the description;
• Enter store information such as telephone or address;
• Write in a compelling way, for example: buy it now, download it, fill out the form, call, contact us and so on.

ean – For more details acess – EAN or UPC code is the identifier of the product. You can find it on the barcode of the product box.
Numeric values only(12 numbers for UPC 13 numbers for EAN). Each product has its unique code. Repeated values are not accepted.
If the product is a parent product, you do not need to fill in this field

brand – Product brand If your brand is not  on the list, choose “Other Brand” and contact your key account to include the new brand.

model – Product model

height – width – length – Product dimensions. Data must be completed in “centimeters” (cm). The minimum value is 1cm and the maximum 600cm.

pck_weight – Product Packing  Weight (kg). This is the product weight + product box. Minimum weight is 0.01kg and maximum 10kg.

weight – Product Weight (kg). This is the weight of the product only. Minimum weight is 0.01kg and maximum 10kg.

color – Product color. Required data! For products with no defined color, choose “no color”

Select available colors from the list. If it is a specific color and not in the list, you can use the color “Theme”, which goes from 1 to 13.
If the product is a parent product, you do not need to fill in this field

size – The size attribute is applied to the clothing and shoes product groups.

If the product is a parent product, you do not need to fill in this field

gender – Choose from 5 drop-down options: male, female, unissex, boy and girl

qty – This is the stock quantity of your product. This value can easily be changed later in Central Seller.
If the product is a parent product, you do not need to fill in this field

price – This is the value of your product in US Dollars. It will be converted to local currency. Please note, this price includes the following values:
(product cost) + (your profit) + (shipping cost) + (15% OctoXB Fee)

If you still have doubts please check the PRICE CALCULATOR tab on the spreadsheet, that way you can easily calculate your final price:

images – Paste in this column the URLs of your photos separated by commas. Allowed formats: .jpg, .png Minimum size: 500 px on one of its sides.

You can add 6 pictures for each product and the main picture must be in white background.

Separate the links by using commas (,) and a space before adding another link.

For example:,,

Do you have your pictures saved on your computer? Don’t worry, you can add them on your central seller BEFORE submitting your listing.

But first you need to upload the spreadsheet in the system, following the image below:

Click on Browse and choose your file, after that add it and wait for the upload:

Now is time to check the informations, here is your product and you can add pictures right inside the red block in case you have them saved in your computer, like this:

Now you are ready, and your product will be forwarded for validation and review by our team, once finished it will be online in the markets, to check the status of your product just click on: LIST, you can check if it is pending or published, check the stock and prices, all here, easy right?

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